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Until you touch it you won’t realize this tile floor isn’t real wood.

Wood-look tile flooring took the home remodel industry by storm a few years ago and continues to be one of the growing tile floor trends. It is replacing traditional hardwood and wood laminate floors because it’s practical and durable. The Madison WI area has kept pace with wood-look tiles in demand for kitchen, bathroom, mudroom, laundry room and entryway installations. Anywhere there’s a lot of traffic and moisture. These creations combine the classic looks of hardwoods with the durability and water resistance of tile.

The home remodel industry boosted the tile industry’s popularity predictions by more than half last year. Tile-makers estimated wood-look floor tiles would account for about 25% of sales. By mid-year it accounted for about 40% of buyer’s requests. Realtors also report it’s a hot commodity in the eyes of home buyers, so it’s a wise investment when it comes to resale.

Bringing New Technologies To Home Remodel Options

Tile-makers continually improve their craft and with wood-look tiles they’ve incorporated the latest technologies from the world of computers and printing. Ceramic and porcelain tiles take on the look and texture of real wood, thanks in part to the latest in high definition printing. Wood grain is printed on the tile to provide levels of detail never before available.

Wood Tile Floors | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling

There’s a wood-look tile floor for every lifestyle and creative design choice.

Floor tile installations aren’t restricted by small sizes and standard shapes. Just like the real thing, wook-look tiles come in planks. Individual tiles are extra-long rectangles. Many different sizes provide dozens of installation options and are leading the way in tile floor trends for 2019. Tile planks range in size from 7×20 inches up to two feet by four feet – 24×48 inches! For most people, until they actually touch one of these floors they don’t realize it isn’t real wood.

The latest styles fit every décor, too. They are available in traditional, contemporary and rustic finishes. The grain and hue of the wood-like tiles match those of real wood from mahogany to reclaimed barn boards.

Details Highlight Tile Floor Trends

Tile floors have always been high on the list of solutions for any space that gets a lot of foot traffic and is at risk for a spill. Moisture is the enemy of real wood and unlike wood and laminates, tile floors stand up to regular exposure to water – rain, snow, mud and kitchen or bathroom spills are no threat.

When planning a home remodel that includes a new wood-look tile floor, consider:

  • Patterns – some tiles have a lot of pattern variations and some have only a few. Consider tile with subtle wood tones and good variations in pattern so you won’t easily recognize repeats on the floor.
  • Grout – choose tile that fits together with a tight edge. Colored grouts should match or be darker than the darkest color in the wood grain so grout lines look like part of the pattern.
  • Size – shorter tile planks are easier to spot as tile not real wood. Good choices are 40- and 48-inch planks. For 2019 tile floor trends include even longer sizes – some up to 72 inches long. Be aware that long planks break much easier than short ones so you’ll need for tile to cover chips and breaks. And longer planks are more difficult to create so be prepared to pay more.
  • Ceramic or porcelain – porcelain is expected to head the tile floor trends. It’s the most popular option because it has a higher breakage point than other options. It withstands impacts without chipping and cracking better than ceramic. It is also less likely to get scratched.
  • Wood grain – just like with print on paper, wood grain printed on tile has both high and low resolution options. The best quality uses only high definition inkjet technology. Other options aren’t ask crisp and you’ll see more repeated grain imprints.

Seek Skilled, Professional Installation

Proper installation of wood-look tiles takes the right tools and experience. It takes longer than installing either real wood or laminate because there’s a slight margin for error. Tile planks are more fragile before they go down – once installed tile stands up to abuse better than most real wood.

The latest wood-look tile floor trends are based on many factors. How do the following fit with your home renovation vision and lifestyle:

  • Tile floors offer a unique look combining performance with style
  • There’s a versatile appeal for many areas in your home
  • Wood-look tile has proven to enhance resale values
  • There’s no better option for areas that get wet
  • Tile requires less maintenance than wood or laminates
  • Installation isn’t for inexperienced – DIY installation of “planks” requires more skill and advanced tools than standard tiles.

Real wood is warm and attractive, but in many cases the new tile choices are far better because they stand up to much more punishment. They’re waterproof and scratch resistant. Even the biggest dog’s toenails won’t dig in! These striking tile floors work well in kitchens, bathrooms and anywhere water is present. Wood tiles make excellent transitions between tile floors and real wood because they blend well. That makes them ideal for entry ways and transitions in an open concept design.

Rely Upon A Pro For Home Remodel Expertise

Now is a great time to also consider a home remodel. If you want a new open kitchen or bathroom with a new layout, extra lighting, more storage and additional amenities don’t forget the floor. For the latest tile floor trends and details on styles, colors and materials consult Sims Exteriors and Remodeling at 608-825-4500, or email us to explore all the options for your Madison WI home.