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Evaluating and replacing windows is a prime reason for remodeling in winter.

Planning on remodeling in winter may seem like poor timing, but it is a perfect time for many home renovation projects. Just because the Madison WI weather is blustery outside doesn’t dissuade professionals from doing exceptional remodeling work inside your home.

Why propose a major remodeling project for mid-winter? There are several attractive benefits, including:

  • Available talent – Spring is the most popular time for home improvement projects and contractors are in great demand. In the winter these skilled craftsmen are much easier to schedule and many are looking for extra projects to keep them busy. With fewer projects on the agenda, they can devote more to your project.
  • Price Advantages – knowing that spring is the peak season, most building-related materials and products have their seasonal price increases timed to coincide with the spring demand. You may be able to negotiate favorable pricing to when remodeling in winter.
  • Products in stock – when demand is reduced vendors are able to restock their shelves and you may be able to find a better selection of fixtures, countertops and cabinetry (and get orders sooner) during what’s normally a slow time.
  • Faster action – the slow period and lack of activity trickles down to every aspect of your renovation project, including the permitting process. Obtaining all required permits and inspections can be much more efficient when remodeling in winter. Government agencies have fewer people demanding their time so your requests can be handled sooner.
  • Scheduling flexibility – a remodeling job is disruptive any time of year but with fewer jobs on the docket contractors can work more closely with your schedule to minimize intrusions when remodeling in winter. And, if you’re planning an extended vacation to warmer weather, youmay have the perfect window of opportunity to return to an all-new home.

Concerns for remodeling in winter

When discussing wintertime home renovation an immediate concern is fresh air – you cannot leave the windows open! Good point, but not a deal-breaker. Modern technology and planning can provide plenty of fresh air without threats from things like paint fumes and the ever-present dust. Technology has advanced when it comes to air quality on everything from basic tile saws to high-tech HEPA filtered vacuums.

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Start now and your new laundry room will be ready for spring’s grass stains and mud muddles.

To keep air quality at its highest possible level Sims deploys a negative air filtration system – the NIKRO Mini Poly Air Scrubber. The system takes in air from the work area and forces it through a series of filters to remove particles of minute size. At the same time, the work area is sealed so the scrubber has maximum impact. The air collected inside is “scrubbed” and vented outdoors.

Employing this highly-efficient tool not only protects the working area, it has long-lasting affect. There’s little or no dust in the air to settle on furnishings or disturb the family when the project is complete. The list of particles removed from the air during a home renovation can be long and startling. In a recent renovation after water damaged a home the air scrubber filters removed from the air the usual debris, bits of insulation fiber, pollens, insect parts and more than 15 forms of mold or bacteria.

The air quality prior to remodeling in winter will reflect the pollutants normally found in any home – with the cold outside weather holding down some of the more irritating ones like pollens and mold spores.

The reality of remodeling in the winter is that modern technology is likely to leave your air cleaner when the project is done than it was when it started.

Timing Home Renovations

 Obviously, working indoors in Madison WI during a January snow storm is the best option. But, there are also wintertime renovations that are readily completed outdoors. Replacement windows can be installed all year around and some siding, roofing and insulation projects don’t have to wait until spring. If you have ideas for exterior work, contact an experienced contractor and discuss your options.

Whether you need more space – adding an attic or basement room or expanding a kitchen’s footprint – or are looking to enhance your lifestyle with a major bath, kitchen or whole home makeover getting a jump on the busy season with a mid-winter start is a wise and productive decision.

Tap Professionals at Their Best

While others are looking for something to do or watching the snow pile up in Dane County, professional remodeling teams at Sims Exteriors and Remodeling are doing some of their best work. Contact Sims Exteriors and Remodeling at 608-825-4500, or email us to get a head start on your home renovation plans and learn how you can benefit from remodeling in winter in Madison WI.