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A walk in tub is great for comfort, therapy and safety

Research shows 89% of homeowners want to stay in their homes as they age. Adding walk in tubs as part of a larger bathroom remodel plan allows aging or physically limited people to continue living in their homes.

For these people to stay in their homes, daily activities such as bending, reaching, stretching and other routine movements most people take for granted must be doable. Walk in tubs eliminate the high stepping required for older or physically challenged people.

In fact, Baby-Boomers will probably benefit from walk in tubs more than any other group. As Baby-Boomers reach retirement age by the millions, safe and convenient bathing options will be significant.

A New Normal – Walk In Tubs

Newer tub designs are built deep for comfort and built with very high quality to operate trouble free.

Walk in tubs all have a door. Bathers can open a door, step into the tub, close the door and soak in chest deep water while comfortably seated. Current designs of walk in tubs can be equipped with air jet systems and or water jet systems so bathers can soak or receive a hydro therapeutic massage.

Walk in tubs_Sims Remodeling_Madison WI

Walk in tubs can help people stay in their home longer

Walk in tubs are constructed better than ever. One manufacturer uses a one inch tubular steel frame, preventing twisting and distortion. This added strength protects the integrity of the tub and ultimately your bathroom. Sims Remodeling is a specialist in delivering the best solution for each homeowner. New tubs are more reliable with more design options to fit your remodeling needs. Your tub not only has to function well, but look great too.

With nearly 90% of homeowners preferring to stay in their homes as long as possible, a walk-in-tub provides a safe and relaxing bathing option. Walk in tubs are sure to grow in popularity with the largest demographic group transitioning into retirement.

Walk In Tubs – Providing Quality & Comfort

Past customers of Sims Remodeling who owned earlier versions of walk in tubs were concerned about leaking and longevity.

Current designs have had design improvements including –

  • Doors equipped with a double gasket (with a lifetime warranty)
  • Hinge running the full length of the door (making the door sturdier)

Some tubs come equipped with popular brand name faucets and a slider bar for the shower head, which can be used as a handheld shower or as a stand-up shower. Most tubs also have the option of adding a heater to maintain water temperature.

Walk in tubs_Sims Remodeling_Madison WI

A walk in bath tub is perfect for hydro therapy

The most important issue is these tubs allow people to live in their homes in their later years.

The Sims Remodeling professionals are committed to building function and ease into every bathroom they remodel. Walk in tubs are perfect for allowing people to live in their homes comfortably, independently and safely.

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