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Universal bathroom remodeling often includes raised toilets

Universal Bathroom Remodeling is creating bathroom environments that are usable by nearly all people, to the greatest extent possible. Because bathrooms represent one of the most heavily used areas in a home, Universal Bathroom Design allows more people stay in their homes in their later years.

Research reveals 89% of people want to live in their homes as they age. To do this everyday activities must be able to be done, no matter the amount of bending, reaching, stretching and other movements most of us take for granted.

The goal of Universal Bathroom Remodeling is to build ease of use within the environment. The easier things are to use, the more it allows people to live in their homes safely, independently and comfortably. No matter the age or the physical ability of the user, universal bathroom remodeling allows independent living.

Where To Begin Universal Bathroom Remodeling

Universal Bathroom Remodeling - Sims Remodeling - Madison WI

Large easy to enter showers, shower chairs and hand grabs for balance are major elements in Universal bathroom remodeling

To begin your universal bathroom remodeling project, step one is assessing your present bathroom. The questions below should help you look more critically at your existing bathroom. These should help you get an idea of the

scope of you project.

How easy are the sink, bathtub and shower faucets to use? (Lever handles help those with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc.)

Do you have grab bars in the bathtub, shower and toilet area? (Grab bars can help with balance, standing or reaching)

How slippery is the bathtub or shower floor? (Slips are very hazardous to elderly and infirmed people)

Low toilet seats make it hard to stand up as strength diminishes? (Leg strength & balance diminish with age)

Are hot water pipes exposed beneath the sink?  (Burns can occur for those who lean)

Is there a seat in the bathtub or shower? (Standing for extended periods on slippery floors can be difficult)

Universal Bathroom Remodeling - Sims Remodeling - Madison WI

Lever handles faucets and doors are standard tools in universal bathroom remodeling

Is the hot water set below 120°? (Try to eliminate scalding accidents)

Is the lighting bright? (Accidents are caused by combining poor lighting and sight)

Do you have GFCI protected outlets? (Lowers chance of electric shock)

Creating a safe environment that is accessible to everyone is the focus of universal bathroom remodeling. Easy access is the key. It is important to remember the physical realities each home has. The unique qualities each home has impacts the design opportunities you have.

Universal Bathroom Remodeling Low Cost Options

Universal bathroom remodeling concepts apply to many changes you can make in your bathroom. If your budget is limited, consider the following adjustments to make your bathroom more accessible.

Add a night light

Install non-slip strips on tub &shower floors

Add grab bars by tubs and toilets

Add a transfer seats to a shower or tub

Use a adjustable hand-held shower head

Make sure doors can be unlocked from outside

Use lever handle faucets with built-in anti-scald protection

Install a seat extender to the toilet

Install GFCI outlets

To get more ideas on how a universal bathroom remodeling project might work in your home, call Sims Remodeling at 608-825-4500 or email our professional design staff.


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