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A Kitchen Remodel project requires planning so you can maintain your daily routine in Madison WI

A kitchen remodel is an exciting time and stressful all at once.

Exciting because of the new look and feel your kitchen will have. Stressful because the room your entire family uses everyday will be unusable in part or entirely for an extended period of time. Face it, cooking is tough to do when your stove or oven is removed and your sink is unhooked and your preparation areas are missing in action.

We have had some customers leave town on vacation while we have done major parts of a kitchen remodel. But because a typical kitchen remodel can take from four to eight weeks, not everyone can leave town for the duration of the project. And some people don’t feel comfortable leaving their home completely in the hands of a kitchen remodeling crew – which is understandable.

Assuming moving away from your home during all or part of your kitchen remodel is not a reasonable option, below are a few ideas to help minimize the stress of your remodel.

Meal Preparation During a Kitchen Remodel

Meal preparation during a kitchen remodel can be challenging. If appliances are unhooked, plumbing disconnected and counters and food prep areas removed, food preparation can be difficult if not impossible. Creating a temporary kitchen area in your home can help make your project more bearable. In doing so, you will be able to maintain your family routine. You’ll also save money by not eating out as often.

Food storage is an important part of your temporary kitchen. If your refrigerator is difficult to move, consider using a smaller, inexpensive dorm style fridge. Prior to starting your kitchen remodel, stock your temporary kitchen with non-perishable foods and snacks. Small appliances such as a slow cooker, electric skillet, microwave or toaster oven will be helpful in preparing warm meals. Prepared, frozen meals are also handy for heating. You can do it in single proportions allow for quick and easy microwave meals.

Washing Dishes During A Kitchen Remodel In Madison WI

Dirty dishes during a kitchen remodel is another challenge. The easiest option is to use disposable cups, utensils and plates so you can throw away or recycle your dishes.

There will still be some cookware needing to be cleaned. Bathrooms sinks and bathtubs can be used for dish washing for the short term. Filling a large cooler with warm, soapy water is another popular option for washing dishes or cookware, especially outside in warmer weather. Remember to scrape all of your dishes very thoroughly because you have no disposal.

Storage During Your Kitchen Remodel

Plan on clearing everything in your cupboards and drawers before your kitchen remodel begins. What you absolutely will not need, pack in boxes or bags and close completely to keep out dust and debris. When your kitchen remodel is complete, you will be able to quickly put your utensils and other equipment back in place.

Negative Air Machine | Kitchen Remodel | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling

Negative air machines such as the one Sims Exteriors and Remodeling uses is effective for all types of Madison WI remodeling projects.


Remodeling can create a lot of dust. Many remodeling contractors seal off rooms to contain dust by hanging plastic sheets over the doorways. Unfortunately, even this cannot fully contain the dust from the rest of your home. Expect to dust your living spaces frequently and use drop cloths to cover your belongings. Additionally, be prepared to change the filter on your HVAC system more frequently during you kitchen remodel.

Sims Exteriors and Remodeling uses a negative air machine to draw dust out of work areas during remodeling projects.

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