Remodeling your home by making bathroom, kitchen, basement or other renovations is often the best way to have your dream home.

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List what you want in your home before you start the remodeling project will make your project successful and will save you money.

Very often, homeowners like where they live. They like their neighbors, like their location, they like the area in which they live in and often the like their home…in general.

Remodeling Your Home As You Remodel Your Family

Time changes everything. Families grow in size in Madison Wisconsin just as everywhere else. Members of the families grow older and the needs of a family changes.

Toddlers have different needs than those in grade school. Middle school age children’s needs are different from high school students. And, when the kids move out of the house, those left behind have their own ideas of what would be nice to have in their home.

All along the way, renovation of kitchens, bathrooms, basements, decks, garages and even additions can shape your home and how it works for your family. And, if you do sell your home, much of your investment will be recovered in the sale price, so you can enjoy the changes now without wasting valuable dollars. Almost like living in your piggy bank.

Remodeling: Getting the Most From Change

Remodeling any room or area in your home can be a daunting project. The best way to approach any home improvement project is to create a clear plan of what you want to accomplish. In clearly defining your vision you will save money on planning, building and end up with a more satisfying end result. Consider the following.

  • Plan Development: Once professionals begin working on the project, the meter is running and you are paying for it. False starts cost money and frustrate the people you hire to help.
  • Demolition and Building: After your walls, floors or “whatever” is torn out; deviating from any plan gets very, very expensive. You do not want to pay for things to be done twice.
  • End Result: If your plan does not have clarity on the front end, you are likely to be thinking “what if…” or “why didn’t I…”.  That is a bad place to be after your project is complete and your budget expended.

3 Simple Steps In Effectively Planning Your Remodel

The first step in planning any remodel or renovation project understanding what you want to accomplish. This involves asking yourself some basic questions whose answers will provide a context for making decisions at every level of your project.

  • What are your NEEDS? What are the driving factors behind your remodel to be included in order to achieve your project goal?
  • What are your WANTS: What aspects of the project strongly desired, but could be ruled out later due to budget or logistics?
  • What are your WISHES: Which ideas do you have to explore and keep in mind, but are not central to the project goal?

These questions should be asked regarding any home improvement or remodeling project. They are especially important with more complex projects such as when remodeling bathrooms, kitchens, basement or when adding an addition because these projects will likely impact mechanical systems, wiring and basic structural considerations.

Answer these questions by yourself, making the resulting lists as extensive and detailed as you can. Be sure to review the list with the contractor you select to add perspective and specifics to your lists. You will be happy you did.

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