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Traditional kitchen cabinet choices have expanded to include cabinets with glass doors, cabinet and shelf combinations and just shelves for a wide open look.

The concept of open space, especially in kitchen remodeling plans, has expanded to include open shelving among kitchen cabinet choices. Replacing traditional kitchen cabinets with open shelves is gaining popularity in Madison WI and throughout the country. But it doesn’t fit every lifestyle. That’s one reason designers are offering combinations of above-counter cabinets and shelves as kitchen cabinet choices.

Traditional kitchen cabinets have been the norm for so long it’s hard to grasp the idea of going without them. They have proven their merit. At the same time, open shelving is proving to be a reliable option. An even more popular consideration is a combination of both.

Consider what open shelving offers:

  • Replacing cabinets with shelves gives a room a bigger “feel”
  • Shelving provides a way to display prized china and glassware
  • Frequently-used dishes, glasses and cookware are quickly accessible
  • The space becomes part of the decorating style not just storage
  • Open shelves can store just as much

Not everything is positive. Consider:

  • Having all the kitchen contents in full few all the time can contribute to a sense of clutter
  • Using just open shelves requires much more attention to how items are placed – they are being displayed, not just stored away
  • Kitchen items aren’t all attractive – above-counter cabinets usually serve as pantries for small items and visible open shelves can give a “grocery aisle” look
  • Dishes, glassware and other things left in the open require more dusting when not used on a daily basis

Kitchen Designer’s Tip –

Before you commit to replacing kitchen cabinets with open shelves, remove the doors from you existing cabinets and try living that way for a week or so. You’ll begin to see how opening up the space may or may not be a wise choice.

Open Shelving Plus Cabinets – Best of Both

There’s no rule that says every kitchen has to have upper cabinets spanning the entire countertop space. Or that all the cabinets have to fasten together. When making kitchen cabinet choices, creativity is the trend. When you’ve lived with a wall-full of kitchen cabinets – probably all your life – it’s a drastic change to replace any or all with no enclosure, just shelves. So why do it?

Consider these creative solutions:

  • “Floating” cabinets — Create sections above your workspace for fully enclosed cabinets and separate them with shelves. Storage for attractive items is open while less attractive and seldom used pieces are behind doors.
  • Glass doors — A quest for an open feel without giving up enclosed storage can be resolved by installing glass doors on kitchen cabinets. Prized china and stemware can be readily seen while everything is protected by an enclosure. Frosted glass can contribute to the open concept while covering up content.
  • Personalize your kitchen — Kitchen cabinet choices are yours to make and the space is a part of your home where you spend a huge amount of time. Decide what best fits your idea of a perfect kitchen and go for it – maybe that’s traditional cabinets on one wall, completely open shelving on another and a combination on a third. Balance storage, design and efficiency as you make your plan.

Kitchen Designer’s Tip

Work with a remodeling professional to evaluate all the other elements that go into your new kitchen. Creative use of tile behind open shelving is another design feature that brightens the new room.

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