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New Garage Building

A New garage can be a valuable addition to any property.

Whether you need stalls for parking vehicles, machinery or just want additional garage storage, a complete garage plan can help you build a garage with multiple uses and increase the value of your property. This is especially true in an area like Madison where expanding lot size is just not an option…you have to make the most of the land you have.

Make A Garage Plan

At Sims Remodeling, before we build a new garage, we ask a number of questions to be sure you can build in all of the utility possible. When developing a garage plan, it is good to ask a series of questions. Do you want…

  • A heated garage – or some part of it heated?
  • A workshop within the structure?
  • An office built in the structure?
  • An oil pit for vehicle servicing?
  • An attic room or apartment?
  • A complete second floor?
  • Do you need an auto lift?
  • A drive through garage?
  • Customized storage?
  • Boat storage?
  • RV Storage?
  • Drive-thru?
  • Extra space or areas with concrete?

To learn more about planning and building a new garage, contact the Sims Remodeling professionals at the beginning of your process. You’ll get a lot more value for your investment with a complete garage plan.

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