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A successful home remodeling project –unique tiles create a custom look.

The options in kitchen tiles have expanded in size, color and texture. With most home remodeling plans beginning in the kitchen, a custom kitchen upgrade often begins with the latest in tile. Tile applications in Madison WI have expanded from basic squares and rectangles as backsplash and floor to planks of wood-look tile and countertop-to-ceiling installations.

The Hottest Trend in Kitchen Tiles — Flooring That Looks Like Something It’s Not

The most dramatic changes in tile development have come on the floor. New manufacturing techniques and high-definition, 3D printing have made it possible to mimic many natural and man-made materials. For a contemporary kitchen renovation to anchor your home remodeling project, consider these floor tile options:

  • Wood-look Tile — The hottest trend in flooring. Taking advantage of the latest techniques in 3D printing, wood-look tiles have become a staple for kitchens, bathrooms, mud rooms and anywhere that water on the floor is an issue. In a kitchen where a solid wood floor is the desired style, potential water damage is an issue. Not with wood-look tiles. These unique tiles come in board-like plank shapes and sizes. From traditional oak-look to rugged and rustic barn board creations wood-look tiles provide dozens of new options for a kitchen in transition.
  • Brick-look Tile — Versatile tiles for the kitchen, have been common for kitchen walls, but recently have been applied to the floor. For a European-look, brick-style tiles can be used as flooring or as wall accents. Not a common choice, its popularity is growing.
  • Marble-look Tile — Marble is considered timeless, elegant and classic. It’s also known as soft, porous and hard to maintain. Not so with marble-look tiles.
  • Cement-look Tile — Cement has become a hot kitchen design element. There are cement kitchen sinks and countertops so why not floors? Real cement floors aren’t practical but tiles that mimic the look are catching on in some home remodeling designs, especially for lofts or the “industrial” look.
  • Metal-look Tiles — Not likely to become a staple of most kitchens or overall home remodeling concepts, metallic tiles are popular for special applications and are found most often in bathrooms or as accent walls. But, in the industrial chic style they are ideal for a kitchen floor.

Patterns Say Good-bye to Boring Straight Lines

Kitchen Tiles | Home Remodeling | Madison WI | Kitchen Backsplashes

Combining the latest in tile options with kitchen facilities anchors exceptional home remodeling projects.

Old-fashioned square tiles led to boring applications in squares, rectangles and straight lines. Designers considered kitchen tiles as simple building blocks, not eye-catching additions to décor. Patterns and shapes are now the rule for walls, backsplashes and floors.

Geometric patterns combining unique colors and shapes are almost endless. Especially in demand by younger home owners, vibrant and eye-catching and unique geometric designs with custom tiles are near the top of the wish list. Fit your lifestyle with one of these:

  • Herringbone and Chevron Patterns — Adding impact by using the new long plank kitchen tiles to add interest and texture to both walls and floors.
  • Arabesque Patterns— Unique tiles that look like little lanterns. Once relegated to backsplash applications (where they’re still an excellent choice) they form exciting designs on walls and floors.
  • Subway Tiles—The mainstay of showers and backsplashes for decades, this stile can provide a special look on kitchen walls and floors. Available in many new colors.

The advances in patterns and custom designs with kitchen tiles can be traced to expanding available shapes. Square and rectangular has been enhanced by plank-sized versions – two to four feet long are not rare anymore. For really custom affects, there are hexagon and octagon shapes. There are truly custom-look designs coming into play more and more – looking for cloud-shaped tiles, they make them. Larger-format kitchen tile designs are expected to become more of a mainstay than smaller formats.

NOTE: longer, plank-style tiles can make a wall or floor area appear larger because there are fewer grout lines to distract the eye.

Home Remodeling With Tile – One Size Doesn’t Fit Everywhere

Another popular trend for kitchen tiles is designs combining sizes. Mixed-width applications combine individual tiles of different lengths and widths – exceptionally popular for country-style, farm kitchens. Kitchen tiles reflect a home’s style. A mirror finish on the wall provides a glossy surface shining in natural light. Reflecting surfaces on a backsplash installation makes the most available light.

The backsplash was once an afterthought in the design process. It was for protecting walls. Today’s backsplash tiles complement the kitchen counters, add color and excitement to walls and reflect the personality of the room. It still protects walls, but does it with panache.

Open concept living has extended the kitchen into the home. So the backsplash get more attention and custom treatment. In areas where fewer cabinets are installed, kitchen tiles for the backsplash are likely to go much higher – very often from countertop to the ceiling. Even traditional white subway tiles provide a new, lighter look when used in an expanded space.

Home Remodeling Makes a Statement With Kitchen Tiles

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