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Granite counter tops are a natural choice for kitchen renovations

Homeowners are using granite in kitchen renovations for counter tops, back splashes and accents more than ever. And, the fact that granite is more affordable than ever is no coincidence.

In the past ten years, granite has become price competitive with popular counter top products. This includes higher quality laminate products which have been much less expensive and quartz.

Until recently, granite was usually installed in homes in the higher price range, often valued at over one million dollars. With lower value homes granite was often cost prohibitive. However, because prices have trended down steadily the result is granite is being installed in moderately priced homes more often than ever before.

Kitchen Renovations To “Upscale” Your Home

Kitchen renovations can be taken to a higher level by using granite. Granite is a natural upgrade for counter tops, islands or back splashes. The look and feel of granite is unequaled by any other materials. Granite has the visual impact that can set your home apart and it is available in a wide number of colors and patterns.

Kitchen Renovations - Sims Remodeling - Madison WI

Granite introduces a variety of colors, patterns and textures to kitchen renovations

In addition, by using one-of-a-kind exotic stone, you can make your home unique.

Kitchen Renovations As Green As They Get

The original “green” counter top is granite. It is sturdy and long lasting. Because it is quarried and not manufactured, there is no off-gassing of organic Compounds (VOC) and can be re-used with no negative environmental impact. Quartz, on the other hand, is held together with resins that can off-gas VOC’s. Corian and laminates are manufactured with various types of processed materials and plastics using petrochemicals and glues (they also off-gas).

When looking for ideas to make remodeling projects such as kitchen renovations environmentally friendly, granite counter tops are a great place to start. Being a natural stone coming directly from the earth, it has no unnatural component. Even the colors are natural.

After Kitchen Renovations

After you are done using granite, it can be re-used outside or inside. Table tops, benches or other ornamental uses

Kitchen Renovations - Sims Remodeling - Madison WI

Counter tops, back splashes and accents are popular ways to use granite in kitchen renovations

are examples of how granite’s life can be extended. And, if you decide to dispose of your granite, there are no issues because it is completely natural with no chemicals to leach out and contaminate ground water.

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