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Smart storage means making the most of the space you have

Kitchen remodeling often signals a change. A family is growing larger. A family is growing older. The homeowners tastes change. A homeowner needs an accessible kitchen because of a physical change. These situations are true anywhere, including here in Madison, Wisconsin

Kitchen remodeling also represents a wide range options. The range can be from a complete reconstruction to modest changes making everyday life flow easier.

In the interest of the more modest kitchen remodeling project, consider an investment in your cabinetry. More specifically, think about your drawers, cupboards and shelves. There is likely a great opportunity to make practical but affordable changes that have a huge impact.

Creating a smart storage plan can make your kitchen remodeling project fun and the use of the kitchen more enjoyable than ever.

A few strategic additions or deletions in cupboards and drawers will provide a completely new feel to the kitchen. This approach costs homeowners much less, takes much less time and a kitchen can remain fully

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Smart storage means having what you need when you need it

functional throughout the updating process.

Kitchen Remodeling – Storage Ideas

There are a number of small changes you can include in the kitchen remodeling process without changing the footprint of a kitchen. While not huge changes, they can certainly change how you (and your family) can use a kitchen. For example –

Add a Lazy Susan or  Blind Corner pull out in corner cupboards

Install roll-out shelves for ease of access

Insert racks in cabinets or on the inside of cabinet doors

Move upper cabinets over a peninsula to a nearby wall to open up a room

Convert a small, nearby closet into a pantry matching kitchen cabinetry

Replace old trash compactors with new cupboard or a pull out door with trash and recycling receptacles

Pantry retrofit-kitchen remodeling-

Your pantry location can make food preparation easier

Update old, worn drawers with new boxes and smooth drawer slides

Increase the height of it to create a bar level serving area on a peninsula counter

Add a rounded area for serving or an expanded work area at the end of a protruding counter area

Add a rounded (crescent shaped) countertop to add more surface area on an island or stand-alone cooktop

Kitchen Remodeling by Steps

Changing cabinets and drawers and adding adding new accessories can make a huge difference in how you use your kitchen. You and your family will be able to enjoy it more because you can tweak it to fit your family’s needs.”

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Organizing your kitchen makes everything flow better

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