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Well designed islands can add flexibility to any kitchen

Kitchen remodeling has an infinite number of options to consider. From Flooring to cabinetry, changing your “footprint” to updating your present layout, kitchen remodeling always has an impact on how you live.

Your kitchen is ground zero for family activity and often the center of attention when entertaining – whether you like it not. As such, a good starting point for many kitchen remodeling projects in Madison Wisconsin and elsewhere is an island.

Center of Attention in Kitchen Remodeling

There are nearly an endless array of styles and functional features a kitchen island can have. This allows your kitchen remodel, no matter the scope, to have a very positive impact with a well thought out island. Consider the following amenities you can build into your island to make it do some ‘heavy lifting as part of your kitchen remodeling project.

Size – sometimes the layout of your home dictates the size of island you have. If you can expand your foot print, you can add

Kitchen remodeling-Special draws and cabinets

Drawers and cabinets can make the most of the room you have

seating areas, preparation areas, sinks or unique features with selves or a unique geometric base. Limiting your island to only being an extra counter top can be a major oversight in style and function.

Drawers – Kitchen Islands are almost always a standard work height. That being said, something should fill the base to make your life a little easier. Utensil drawers, knife drawers, special storage drawers for serving plates, bowls or cookware are all possibilities. Even being used as a pantry overflow can be very helpful. Our customers say they enjoy the kitchen more when it’s orderly. A well planned island can help provide organization.

Cupboards – racks, telescoping shelves, a wine rack and a variety of other clever and utility minded features can be used to make your island more accessible. If your kids are entertaining, be sure all of the things they use for snacking and ‘hanging out’ are available to them. There is no reason for someone outside your family to be digging through your other cupboards.

Serving Meals – many families build in a serving area or have added an additional curve to a counter top so existing counter space

kitchen remodeling-seating-dining-food prep-Sims Remodeling

Food prep, dining or a general work area

is also available for a quick snack or a meal. Your island can contribute to a quick, easy and casual meal, allowing you to get on with the day’s activities.

Food Prep Area – if you love to cook, it’s nice to have added are for food preparation. Your island can include a prep sink to make things more accessible and move preparation activities out from under cabinets that can be harmed over time by heat or steam.

Buffet On Call – Nearly every kitchen has hosted a party.  Whether by design or by popular demand, a kitchen’s island will help serve your guests. So, when adding or altering your island, consider the countertop size and shape. There is no debate on this issue – size does matter!

Kitchen Remodeling is a specialty of Sims Remodeling. Our custom cabinetry line can help you re-create your kitchen with strategic, creative additions to you overall kitchen design. Your island is a great place to start.

Kitchen remodeling-island-sinks-drawers-Sims Remodeling

Adding sinks, drawers and shelves can help your island be a nerve center

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