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Kitchen cabinets contrast the wood-look of the new island for a unique appeal

If you want to add a kitchen island to your Madison WI home, you’re not alone. Surveys of interior designers, builders and manufacturers reveal that islands and new kitchen cabinets are hot topics for kitchen remodeling again in 2017.

In addition to enhancing an island’s aesthetic appeal, designers are introducing new functionalities. The trend in “open” design is being expanded into the kitchen where an addition can become a central element and focal point. The kitchen island can smoothly link works space and eating area – incorporating preparation areas, room for cleanup and general purpose space to “spread out.” The central island will quickly become the main draw in a social setting, too.

The fact that a central island can be accessed from all sides anchors its functionality.  Consider the possibilities:

  • Size Matters – The layout of the room can dictate the size of the island, but think “outside the box” — your new island needn’t be restricted to just a square or rectangle. Perhaps a unique geometric base shape works for you.
  • Versatile Storage – Beneath the new countertop you’ll have additional storage with drawers, cabinets and shelves. Take advantage of all the new space to include specialty storage units like knife drawers, over-sized shelves for cooking pots, serving trays or small appliances. Maybe take some of the overflow from the pantry for snack foods and the most popular choices in your home. A wine cooler can fit into the base quite nicely!
  • Not Just Prep Space – The first thing people want in a kitchen remodeling plan is more counter space. Resist the urge to add a kitchen island that’s just a bigger countertop. Incorporate useable features that may include an additional sink, several electrical outlets for small appliances— use of appliances that give off heat or steam (electric frypan or waffle iron, etc.) can damage the underside of cabinets when used repeatedly in standard, confined counter space beneath a cabinet — a charging station for mobile electronics is popular, too.
  • Food Service – The new work space will turn into a buffet line when you entertain and a spot for a quick snack or meal. Today’s hectic lifestyle often dictates a central spot for these basics is lacking so an island addition can fill a void.
  • Built-in Seating – The island counter has evolved from work area or bar to serving center and on to a diner-like seating area. Seating arrangements vary with size, shape and the overall layout. While the seating area traditionally uses only a part of the counter space, the trend is to expand its use as it becomes not only a spot for a quick meal, but the ideal place for homework and household business. An expanded island is quickly replacing the idea of a kitchen desk.

Kitchen Island Becomes A Two-room Feature

Kitchen Island | Kitchen cabinets | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling

In a kitchen where space is at a premium, an island addition needn’t be the traditional square or rectangle.

In an attempt to give definition to living space, even within a true open concept design, this kitchen addition has slowly evolved. A contemporary island is often less kitchen and more family room as it blends colors, textures and styles. From this trend another design feature is growing: Two-faced Islands. One side of the island is pure kitchen while the other is more living space

The double-duty pieces provide unique looks and become elements of design that tie the whole home together. And, the island doesn’t have to be created from different materials. Focus on function is primary. The side facing the kitchen may include a small sink plus closed-door kitchen cabinets, while the side facing the living area may include open shelves for books, wine storage or decorating.

A Kitchen Island Is Landing Zone

Your kitchen is the landing zone family activity – where kids drop books after school, adults congregate to organize their day and most everything begins and ends. There’s no lack of styles and functional features to upgrade a traditional workspace with new kitchen cabinets and luxury features.

Kitchen remodeling is a mainstay of Sims Remodeling. Our custom kitchen cabinet line can provide strategic, creative additions and an island is a great place to start.

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