Homeowners can have a huge impact on the way their kitchen looks by utilizing high impact kitchen design ideas. Whether your use one or multiple ideas, you can transform the look of your Kitchen.

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Cork, tile hardwood and other flooring upgrades are popular kitchen design ideas

Budgets are often limited. Often, homeowners like their homes in general but would like to update or add to the look they have. The kitchen design ideas listed below are perfectly suited for giving any kitchen a completely new feel.  The right kitchen design ideas allow you to use specific and affordable strategies to make significant changes without breaking the bank.

How To Best Consider Kitchen Design Ideas

A helpful step for visualizing kitchen design ideas is to remove everything from your kitchen. Clear counter tops of appliances, remove window treatments, wall hangings and rugs. Try to start the process with a blank slate because it helps you identify what kitchen design ideas can transform your kitchen.

Kitchen Design Ideas With The Highest Impact

The kitchen design ideas below are all affordable and can be applied alone or combined with other options. All of the ideas can have a significant visual impact and some can change the way you use your kitchen.

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Varied lighting fixtures add accents and depth to your kitchen

New Counter Tops – Counter tops are eye-popping option when updating a kitchen and are available in a wide variety materials such as laminate, Corian, Granite, Concrete, etc.

Replace Cabinet and Drawer Hardware – This is a relatively easy option to do among a wide range of kitchen design ideas and the expense is minimal. Our remodeling pros can help you find options you never knew existed.

New flooring – Ceramic tile or hardwood can wake-up a kitchen. There are also popular laminate and vinyl options available at all price levels. Many homeowners can even save money by tearing out old flooring themselves.

Painting Walls – Simply said painting walls is a very inexpensive face-lift and can be one of the most satisfying changes a homeowner can make.

Back Splashes – Tile, brick or other materials can have a stunning impact on the look of your kitchen. As kitchen design ideas go, back splashes can set a tone for an entire area in your home.

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One of the highest impact kitchen design ideas is a back splash

Replacing Rugs, Towels and Accessories – If you can’t do more than one larger project, changing rugs and towels can accent other changes and buy you time to save for the next big change. Different styles and colors allow your accessories to capture the feel of the room. Seasonal themes can keep the kitchen fresh looking year round.

Kitchen Cabinets – If they are in good shape, you can paint, refinish or resurface your current cabinets. Refinishing is the most popular method of refreshing kitchen cabinets. Refinishing is durable and can last as long at 15-20 years. Painting may be a good choice for someone wanting to create a more dramatic color change and is a more cost effective manner of updating.

New Window Coverings – Window Coverings can greatly enhance a kitchen. Varying drape lengths or new hardware can accent a window’s appearance significantly. Like rugs and towels, etc., varying fabric choices can help set a seasonal tone for a kitchen. Keep this in mind when considering window treatments.

New Lighting – A wide variety of fixtures used alone or mixed with others can invigorate a kitchen. Highlight unique areas within a room or use dramatic accent lighting to create depth and texture within your kitchen.

New Appliances – How practical can you get when considering kitchen design ideas. Whether you go retro with Harvest Gold or pick an edgy stainless look, new appliances can easily help set the tone for your kitchen along with other kitchen design ideas.

The Sims Remodeling pros are committed to building ease of use and function into all of our remodeling projects. Give our pros a call 608-825-4500 or email to discuss which kitchen design ideas are best for your home.

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