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After considering all the facts, a home remodeling project makes for a better lifestyle, updates your home and increases the home’s value

When home remodeling, the primary goal is to create changes benefiting and reflecting your daily activities.

If planned correctly, home remodeling also provides the opportunity for homeowners to to upgrade mechanical systems offering major operational cost savings and in the long term, increases your home’s value.

Adding a new addition, updating a kitchen or creating a renovated master bathroom often makes these spaces more livable. In fact, it is the primary reason most people undertake a home remodel; to add a new dimension to their home reflecting a changing lifestyle. The daily benefits of a remodeling project can take many forms.

 Home Remodeling – Opening Up You Mind

  • The addition of a family room can improve the quality of life for a growing family with younger children.
  • An addition of a sun room is often a great space for every family member to enjoy.
  • Increasing storage in a new master suite will free up space for an exercise room in another part of the house.
  • Taken together, the overall benefit of a home remodeling project is reduced stress, increased functionally and comfort, and improved physical and mental well-being.

When Home Remodeling Works – And When It Doesn’t

There are a multitude of factors involved in a home remodeling decision. While moving to a new location can be fun, or necessary, having a home in a location you like surrounded by great neighbors can easily trump outside factors. A home addition or smaller changes might be just what you need to adjust you current home to your new lifestyle.

Below are two lists of reasons to either commit to a home remodeling or to move. Only you can determine what your situation is and the resulting preferences. However these ideas should be considered because determining your feelings about each of the points will help you define whether you should move or if home remodeling is in your future. Consider:

Reasons To Move

Outgrown your current home

Yard is too small

Do not like your current school district

Work commute is too long

Neighbors are annoying

Do not want the hassle of remodeling

Do not have the time for a remodeling project

Home would end up too valuable for its location – would not recoup the cost of remodeling when you sell your home

Reasons For Home Remodeling

Enjoy your current home

Like your yard

Like your current school district

Work commute is desirable

Neighborhood is ideal

Do not want to uproot your family

Remodeling would make your home more marketable when selling

The costs of moving outweigh the benefits of movingReal estate commissions, home preparation, transfer of utilities, higher property taxes, mortgages, moving companies, storage, etc.

You cannot find a room that meets new living wants or needs

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