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A timely garage remodel increases the usefulness of the space when new lights, flooring and custom storage is part of the package.

The garage has evolved into more than a parking spot for vehicles and a timely garage remodel ups its game. In a climate like Madison WI garage insulation is a high priority for homeowners looking to make better use of the space. Proper insulation also protects the adjoining home and benefits overall energy efficiency.

None of the many uses for a garage – woodworking, tinkering, hobbies, etc. – are pleasant during the extremes in Wisconsin weather. Adding insulation takes the chill out of winter and reduces the heat of mid-summer.

Garage Insulation Protects 

If the door from your home to the garage is insulated and has excellent weather stripping you’re a step ahead in keeping outside air where it belongs. If not, a new exterior door is a wise investment. Every time you go in and out the outside air is allowed in – along with extra summertime humidity. It’s a two-way street – heat and cooled air from the house escape, too.

Not only does the environment in your garage impact your energy bills, it can damage important possessions stored there. A garage remodel is an excellent step toward maintaining a workable temperature and controlling humidity. Humidity is enemy No. 1 for your personal belongings. It promotes mold, mildew and rust. Garage insulation reduces it in summer and, with a little supplemental heat, knocks it out in the winter.

Consider a Garage Remodel’s Impact Indoors

Garage Insulation | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling

There are hundreds of homes like this in Madison – many without the benefit of effective garage insulation.

While most building codes require insulation in all the walls shared by inside rooms, adding the same level to outside-facing walls makes sense, too. The better the insulation in the entire garage, the more comfortable your home is.

Garage insulation plays a role inside the house:

  • Protecting plumbing – any pipes and fixtures inside a poorly insulated wall are at risk during a cold Madison WI winter.
  • Adding comfort – do you have a bedroom above the garage? Is it normally cooler, with cold floors during the winter? Insulating the garage ceiling makes a difference.
  • Reduces noise – an extra benefit of a layer of insulation is its noise buffering quality. Good insulation will keep the often harsh sounds in the garage where they belong.

Inspect Existing Insulation

Even the best insulation doesn’t last forever. If your garage is insulated, now’s the time to inspect it to be sure there are no weak spots – areas where insulation has gotten compacted, or wet. Air leaks reduce the effectiveness in a hurry. If you have concerns, contact a professional garage remodel contractor for an expert evaluation.

Areas to inspect and consider adding insulation include:

  • Garage walls – both those that are directly connected to inside rooms and outside walls. If you’re considering adding insulation keep in mind building codes require specific R-value in adjoining walls. Fire retardant materials are also mandated in most areas because of the combustible materials stored in a garage.
  • The garage ceiling – the ceiling is often overlooked. Proper insulation in the ceiling protects the roof above the garage from excessive heat and moisture. Adding ceiling insulation is the best solution when there’s living space above it – reducing noise and saving energy.

At the same time you’re evaluating your garage insulation needs, consider installing a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector.

Don’t Forget The Garage Door

The garage door is one of the largest walls in the structure. Just because it moves doesn’t mean it isn’t a wall. A lot of heat is exchanged whenever it opens and closes. A lot of heat is exchanged when it is stationary, too. If you have an old garage door it is the primary source of air leaks in the garage. Adding insulation to an existing door or opting for a new, insulated door makes sense.

Every insulated garage door has a basic R-value. Adding insulation to the garage door will not make the inside warm. It will help to make it warmer. Depending upon the direction the door faces and the prevailing winds, adding insulation to the garage door can increase the winter temperature inside by as much as 10 degrees.

Consult A Pro For Garage Remodel Expertise

Now’s the time to understand the value of insulating a garage. Now is a great time to also consider adding the extra lighting, additional outlets, contained storage and additional amenities you’ve always wanted. Before you make the decision to add garage insulation, consult Sims Exteriors and Remodeling at 608-825-4500, or email us to explore the many garage remodel options to benefit your Madison WI home.

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