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The carriage house is back in the form of a versatile new garage – housing not only the horseless carriage but tools, hobbies and crafts.

When the first cars appeared the detached garage was the norm. It was the carriage house that so many architects are trying to revive in today’s home additions. While the majority of homes in the Madison WI area today have garages integrated into their design there’s a trend toward adding separate structures to accommodate expanding lifestyles. The common garage is stuffed beyond capacity with recreational gear, tools and assortments of valuables. If there’s room, there may be a vehicle or two as well.

Homeowners are once again discovering the advantages of a detached garage –whether as the primary vehicle housing unit or as an additional free-standing building. In suburban areas especially, a structure for tools, outdoor power tools, gardening necessities and recreational equipment is common – the old standby “garden shed.” That shed is being replaced by larger, more accommodating structures with garage doors for easy access and plenty of space for whatever its owner’s lifestyle dictates – a woodworking shop, home office or a place to “tinker.”

Detached Garage is Versatile

A garage integrated into a house plan has to mirror the style of the overall structure and complement its style. A separate, free-standing garage can have its own style or it too can complement the surrounding buildings. Design options to consider include:

  • Location – a free-standing garage can sit at an angle to the house, be set back or even hidden behind the house.
  • Style – if you want the home addition to look like a garage it can, but it can also look like a small cottage, or whatever you like.
  • Environmental Considerations – a detached addition is considered to be environmentally friendly and can earn points toward “green-built” recognition. Separation removes noise, smells and debris from the house, too.
  • Expandable – it is much easier to expand the use of a separate building than a build-in garage if you want to expand your workshop, craft room or add a greenhouse.

A Customized Home Addition

Detached Garage | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling

Whether it’s the only garage or an addition providing extra space to accommodate your lifestyle, a free-standing garage comes in many sizes, shapes and styles.

Including a detached garage in plans for expanding or remodeling your home and property gives you additional opportunities to customize the project. A separate building has its advantages:

  • Visually and physically connecting the buildings with walks, patios and decks expands your outdoor living space while you’re expanding your indoor utility space.
  • Beyond a basic parking place for vehicles, a separate garage is an ideal expansion to accommodate all your storage requirements – effectively enlarging the overall storage space in your home.
  • Hobbies and pastimes that require space and tools or materials are better served away from the living area – especially if you generated sounds or odors that don’t blend nicely with everyday household environs.

A home addition that includes a separate structure has its drawbacks, too. The Number One disadvantage is Madison WI is having to make your way from the house to the detached garage when it’s raining or snowing. Ranking a close second is the chore of having to remove snow from additional walks and drives.

When there’s room on the property – and all building codes and zoning regulations are in order – these disadvantages are becoming easier to overcome as people look to expand their lifestyle and enjoy their personal time to the fullest.

Rely Upon Professionals

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