As the cold north wind begins to blow, a great question to consider with your bathroom remodel project is whether radiant floor heating could be a logical addition.

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Radiant floor heating is a great addition to any bathroom remodel in cold weather areas like Madison WI

Building luxurious comfort into bathroom renovations is a growing trend. In northern climates as in Madison WI, radiant floor heating can be a significant component in any bathroom remodel. Bathroom floors often are cool because of hard-surface finishes. Radiant floor heating helps homeowners endure months of cold weather floors with welcoming warmth on their feet. As an added bonus with your bathroom remodel, radiant floor heating can often heat more efficiently than other types of traditional heating systems. When the entire floor is heated, you can avoid the problem of a layer of cold air near the floor with warm air rising to the ceiling.

Contemporary bathroom remodel trends emphasize transforming these onetime nondescript rooms into relaxing getaways, giving homeowners an escape from a frantically paced world. Bathroom renovations are now, more than ever before, incorporating elements to increase comfort, style and function. Radiant floor heating is a favorite addition to bathroom remodels.

Integrating Radiant Floor Heating Into Your Bathroom Remodel

Radiant floor heating systems work by embedding a layer of wires or hot water tubes under your floor covering. Whether linoleum, laminates, or tile flooring, the entire floor surface area becomes one large heater. The heat is radiated gently, warming the entire room from the bottom up.

Because radiant floors heating systems do require a warm up time, timers are usually added so the floor is ready when you need it. Imagine on a cold winter morning climbing out of a warm, cozy bed and walking to a toasty floor. Adding an area rug can add to your comfort and utility.

Radiant Floor Heating Pros

• Provides a “smooth” heat that heats evenly
• No drafts as with forced air heat
• Slowly heats objects in room – adds to maintaining heat
• Great in bathrooms
• Reduces furnace noise
• Radiant heat flooring systems last up to 40 years (vs 10-15 with conventional furnaces)
• Two different types of radiant heat systems – Hydronic (fluid) and electric

Radiant Floor Heating Pros

• A radiant heat flooring system is hard to install once a floor is in place
• Best with a new construction situation OR you are willing to remove your floors and rebuild them
• As a retrofit option, electric heating pads designed for installation between the floor joists underneath the floor. However, they require access from below using a crawlspace or a basement. Without the access from below, a retrofit option is not possible.
• Possible floor damage if there are malfunctions or system failures
• Radiant floor heating systems are initially more expensive – but over time you can recover the costs

The Best Flooring Choices For Bathroom Remodels Using Radiant Floor Heating

Any conventional flooring materials in your bathroom remodel can be used with radiant floor heating systems. However, materials with the best thermal conducting properties like stone, concrete, and ceramic tile will conduct, transfer and hold heat effectively and withstand high temperatures.

Wood flooring can shrink and expand with changing temperatures. These fluctuations can lead to easily seen gaps. Because wood is a favorite bathroom remodel flooring choice, experienced installers can often manage the potential shrinkage a wood floor can experience.

Plastic and Vinyl laminate floors have temperature limitations as well. Carpets will usually reduce heat flows because of the insulating properties they have – although carpets are not as popular a flooring choice for a bathroom remodel.

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