Remodeling In Winter Makes Perfect Sense

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Evaluating and replacing windows is a prime reason for remodeling in winter.

Planning on remodeling in winter may seem like poor timing, but it is a perfect time for many home renovation projects. Just because the Madison WI weather is blustery outside doesn’t dissuade professionals from doing exceptional remodeling work inside your home.

Why propose a major remodeling project for mid-winter? There are several attractive benefits, including: Continue reading

Deck Renovation Puts Life In Old Decks

Deck Renovation | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling

Wood cracks with age and exposure to the elements. A simple refinishing job can give this deck new life – regular inspections make sure there are no structural concerns.

A well-built, well-maintained deck will last for decades and before you plan to replace it consider a deck renovation to bring it back to its former glory – or additions to make it even better! Basic deck repair can save you money and headaches while extending the useful life of your Madison WI deck.

Decks in southern Wisconsin are exposed to extreme weather – wind, rain, heat, cold, UV rays, you name it. Even the best decks can only take so much. But before you decide to tear down what you have and start over, consider how far a maintenance and repair plan can take you.

Deck Renovation Planning

Decks take a beating from the elements and get a lot of hard use all year around. They can be a favorite playground or an accident in waiting. Statistic show every year more than 30,000 people are hurt because a structure related to a deck – railings, stairs, etc. – fails. Identifying potential dangers is well worth a thorough inspection of your deck. After a series review you can determine whether to build a new deck, proceed with a deck renovation using a skilled professional crew or just make deck repairs. Continue reading

Decking Material – More Choices Than Ever For Deck Design

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The warmth and feel of real wood is hard to beat when it comes to expanding your outdoor living space with a new deck.

Traditional wood remains a top choice for decking material but the use of composites and plastics have taken off, widening options for deck design. When the time comes, the choice between composites or natural wood is a matter of personal preference. Deciding which is best for your Madison WI home should be based on evaluating the pros and cons of all the options.

A deck built from untreated lumber may last anywhere from 10 to 20 years in the Wisconsin climate. The same structure built from specifically treated lumber or composite decking material can last up to 50 years. Because adding a deck is a long-term investment, understanding the options is important. Continue reading

Cabinet Hardware Options Expand Kitchen Design

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Gold accents and simple designs provide a distinctive look to this neutral hue kitchen update.

A wide range of cabinet hardware style options plus dozens of finishes, sizes and shapes make functional components an integral part of modern kitchen design. Whether a drawer pull or cabinet door knob is necessary to the structure’s function or not, it is one of the final decorative details going into your Madison WI kitchen. Kitchen hardware for 2018 represents both form and function.

  • unctionF – design, materials and size all increase ease of use and efficiency. The right hardware moves a kitchen from an attractive room to a welcoming workspace.
  • Versatility – looks complement the overall design of the room and reflect the homeowner’s personal taste while size, shape and form blend the decorator’s touch with the cook’s requirements.
  • Coordination – the trend to open-concept kitchen and living spaces means cabinet hardware has to align with the overall style of the larger space, becoming an accessory to home décor.

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Detached Garage Provides Space for Expanding Lifestyle

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The carriage house is back in the form of a versatile new garage – housing not only the horseless carriage but tools, hobbies and crafts.

When the first cars appeared the detached garage was the norm. It was the carriage house that so many architects are trying to revive in today’s home additions. While the majority of homes in the Madison WI area today have garages integrated into their design there’s a trend toward adding separate structures to accommodate expanding lifestyles. The common garage is stuffed beyond capacity with recreational gear, tools and assortments of valuables. If there’s room, there may be a vehicle or two as well.

Homeowners are once again discovering the advantages of a detached garage –whether as the primary vehicle housing unit or as an additional free-standing building. In suburban areas especially, a structure for tools, outdoor power tools, gardening necessities and recreational equipment is common – the old standby “garden shed.” That shed is being replaced by larger, more accommodating structures with garage doors for easy access and plenty of space for whatever its owner’s lifestyle dictates – a woodworking shop, home office or a place to “tinker.” Continue reading

Walk-in Showers Are the Hot Trend for Bathtub Replacement

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A truly custom shower as a bathtub replacement with multiple showerheads, unique lighting and programmable controlscan become the most sought-after hideaway in your home. 

A spa-like shower experience is replacing the traditional bathtub and luxury walk-in showers are the number one choice as a bathtub replacement. In new construction and major bathroom remodels, the traditional high-step tub with its slipper surface and inconvenient curtains is being replaced. And the spa-type, jetted soaking tub so popular in the late 1990s has given way to multiple shower heads that massage, soak and steam. Today’s hot trend is away from big volume tubs to large, open walk-in showers.

Walk-in Showers Are The Luxury of Choice

Spacious showers with rain showerheads, multiple body jets, hand-wands, custom lighting and low-maintenance materials are in demand. When it comes time for a bathtub replacement, custom showers are where the remodeling money is going.

Here are the latest trends behind installing walk-in showers as a bathtub replacement: Continue reading

Remodel Ideas Create a New Home through Renovation

Remodel Ideas | Renovation | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling

You can have your dream home without a major move. A remodeling plan can provide for your current and future needs.

Putting your family into a “new home” needn’t require a move. Creative remodel ideas can result in a truly new home though renovation on site. Remodeling your Madison WI home can provide major changes in your lifestyle as your existing residence adapts to your evolving needs.

A renovation can include simple changes or elaborate additions. Each, in its own way, has significant impact on the home and how it is used.

Where To Apply Remodel Ideas

Where do you want to make changes? Which aspect of your existing home needs changing? Ponder the impact of the following remodeling targets. Continue reading

Kitchen Island Provides a Distinctive Touch to Kitchen Update

Kitchen Island | Kitchen Cabinets | Madison WI | Sims Remodeling

Kitchen cabinets contrast the wood-look of the new island for a unique appeal

If you want to add a kitchen island to your Madison WI home, you’re not alone. Surveys of interior designers, builders and manufacturers reveal that islands and new kitchen cabinets are hot topics for kitchen remodeling again in 2017.

In addition to enhancing an island’s aesthetic appeal, designers are introducing new functionalities. The trend in “open” design is being expanded into the kitchen where an addition can become a central element and focal point. The kitchen island can smoothly link works space and eating area – incorporating preparation areas, room for cleanup and general purpose space to “spread out.” The central island will quickly become the main draw in a social setting, too. Continue reading

Common Sense Ideas For Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets | Kitchen Remodel | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling

Adding special custom cabinets can expand use and utility in your Madison WI kitchen remodel -click to enlarge

A change that re-sets the look, feel and function of your kitchen is updating or changing your kitchen cabinets.

Updating or doing a kitchen remodel is a lot of fun for most people. And that is for good reason when you consider the following – you can –

  • Get a “new,” just-moved-into look
  • Create an entirely new traffic flow, or “foot print” to the room
  • Introduce an entirely new style of kitchen cabinets to suit your changing needs
  • Add amenities to your kitchen cabinets and counters
  • Make certain areas more functional and/or accessible after your kitchen remodel
  • Replace dated, worn hardware

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Pay Back – Recouping Bathroom Remodel Dollars

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A bathroom remodel will return much but not all of your investment upon resale

Homes are the biggest investment many of us make. So, when it comes to a bathroom remodel, it only stands to reason homeowners think in terms of what return will they get back on dollars invested in their home.

It’s a simple question with any bathroom remodel. However, the right answer can differ greatly depending on your perspective. The value of any bathroom remodel has both objective and subjective measures Continue reading

Consider Radiant Floor Heating In Your Bathroom Remodel

As the cold north wind begins to blow, a great question to consider with your bathroom remodel project is whether radiant floor heating could be a logical addition.

Bathroom Remodel - Radiant Floor Heating - Madison WI Sims Exteriors and Remodeling

Radiant floor heating is a great addition to any bathroom remodel in cold weather areas like Madison WI

Building luxurious comfort into bathroom renovations is a growing trend. In northern climates as in Madison WI, radiant floor heating can be a significant component in any bathroom remodel. Bathroom floors often are cool because of hard-surface finishes. Radiant floor heating helps homeowners endure months of cold weather floors with welcoming warmth on their feet. As an added bonus with your bathroom remodel, radiant floor heating can often heat more efficiently than other types of traditional heating systems. When the entire floor is heated, you can avoid the problem of a layer of cold air near the floor with warm air rising to the ceiling.

Contemporary bathroom remodel trends emphasize transforming these onetime nondescript rooms into relaxing getaways, giving homeowners an escape from a frantically paced world. Bathroom renovations are now, more than ever before, incorporating elements to increase comfort, style and function. Radiant floor heating is a favorite addition to bathroom remodels. Continue reading

Deck Problems Needing Correction

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Using nails rather than bolts in a ledger board can lead to deck failure

Building a deck seems like very straight forward project. Everyone has used decks and in most cases, there are a limited number of building materials to choose from.

The truth is building a deck is not as simple as it seems because it still requires using proven building techniques and the knowledge to do them correctly.

The North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) says new and replacement decks amount to about 2.5 million new structures annually in the United States. Unfortunately, many of these are done by inexperienced homeowners, friends or in some cases contractors not following the appropriate guidelines.

Your Deck Is An Accident Waiting To Happen

Poor construction can very easily result in property damage and even in injury to people on the deck at the time of failure or collapse. In fact, according to the NADRA, since 2000, there have been at least 30 reported deaths from collapse.

More than 75 percent of people involved in a collapse were injured. Most collapses occur on decks more than 20 years of age or older.  Performing an annual safety check is suggested If your deck is fifteen years old or older. Continue reading

Bathroom Remodeling – Converting Bathtubs To Showers

Bathroom remodeling - bathtub conversion to shower - Sims Remodeling

Conversions to showers can result in a distinctive, unique room

Bathroom remodeling projects can take many forms and have varying degrees of impact on how you use your home. One trend in recent years homeowners have gravitated toward has been converting bathtub areas into spacious walk-in showers.

Traditionally, homeowners often shied away from conversions like these because older homes had one bath or a bath and a half and people wanted to maintain salability of their homes. Conventional wisdom dictated that if you wanted to sell your home at some point in the future, removing the only tub in the house would be a negative step. But, it seems all bets are off.

Bathroom remodeling often reflects what the popular thought is and the trend is for more conversions. Removing an old and little used tub and replacing it with a spacious, enjoyable walk-in shower with needed features and preferred luxuries is definitely a growing trend. Continue reading