Energy-efficient Garage Remodel Save Money

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A timely garage remodel increases the usefulness of the space when new lights, flooring and custom storage is part of the package.

The garage has evolved into more than a parking spot for vehicles and a timely garage remodel ups its game. In a climate like Madison WI garage insulation is a high priority for homeowners looking to make better use of the space. Proper insulation also protects the adjoining home and benefits overall energy efficiency.

None of the many uses for a garage – woodworking, tinkering, hobbies, etc. – are pleasant during the extremes in Wisconsin weather. Adding insulation takes the chill out of winter and reduces the heat of mid-summer.

Garage Insulation Protects 

If the door from your home to the garage is insulated and has excellent weather stripping you’re a step ahead in keeping outside air where it belongs. If not, a new exterior door is a wise investment. Every time you go in and out the outside air is allowed in – along with extra summertime humidity. It’s a two-way street – heat and cooled air from the house escape, too. Continue reading

Remodeling Questions Homeowners Ask Themselves

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Remodeling projects can be involved – be sure you ask yourself the right questions in the beginning of the process

You’ve researched your new remodeling project.

You have talked to a number of potential Madison WI remodeling contractors. All of which could do your remodeling project.

And, there is even one remodeling contractor who has impressed you with knowledge, perspective and you trust him.

However, even with all of the stars beginning to align, you wonder…

  • Can I get the work done cheaper?
  • Am I paying too much?

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Remodeling Prep – Managing a Remodel or Addition

Remodeling a part of your home or adding and addition is only one of the first steps in the process. Once you’ve retained a reputable contractor (one who is insured and bonded and you trust), what you (and your contractor) do next about your working relationship will make the difference between a pleasant experience and an unhappy one.

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Remodeling Projects – 3 Steps To Recreate Your Home

Remodeling your home by making bathroom, kitchen, basement or other renovations is often the best way to have your dream home.

Sims Remodeling_planning_ideas_organization

List what you want in your home before you start the remodeling project will make your project successful and will save you money.

Very often, homeowners like where they live. They like their neighbors, like their location, they like the area in which they live in and often the like their home…in general.

Remodeling Your Home As You Remodel Your Family

Time changes everything. Families grow in size in Madison Wisconsin just as everywhere else. Members of the families grow older and the needs of a family changes.

Toddlers have different needs than those in grade school. Middle school age children’s needs are different from high school students. And, when the kids move out of the house, those left behind have their own ideas of what would be nice to have in their home.

All along the way, renovation of kitchens, bathrooms, basements, decks, garages and even additions can shape your home and how it works for your family. And, if you do sell your home, much of your investment will be recovered in the sale price, so you can enjoy the changes now without wasting valuable dollars. Almost like living in your piggy bank. Continue reading