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Gold accents and simple designs provide a distinctive look to this neutral hue kitchen update.

A wide range of cabinet hardware style options plus dozens of finishes, sizes and shapes make functional components an integral part of modern kitchen design. Whether a drawer pull or cabinet door knob is necessary to the structure’s function or not, it is one of the final decorative details going into your Madison WI kitchen. Kitchen hardware for 2018 represents both form and function.

  • unctionF – design, materials and size all increase ease of use and efficiency. The right hardware moves a kitchen from an attractive room to a welcoming workspace.
  • Versatility – looks complement the overall design of the room and reflect the homeowner’s personal taste while size, shape and form blend the decorator’s touch with the cook’s requirements.
  • Coordination – the trend to open-concept kitchen and living spaces means cabinet hardware has to align with the overall style of the larger space, becoming an accessory to home décor.

Transitional styling has become a trend and a streamlined kitchen design calls for more and more subtle detail for both visual and functional interest.

Cabinet Hardware for Every Personal Style

Cabinet Hardware | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling

Transform a traditional kitchen cabinet to a contemporary, modern look – or the other way around – through a simple change of hardware.

Selecting the “top trend” in kitchen cabinet hardware is virtually impossible. There are too many choices – one for almost every personal style. As consumers ask for more finishes, textures and shapes, manufacturers keep pace. And as manufacturers introduce new ideas and concepts, homeowners embrace them with gusto. Industry experts report that the influence of social media is evident as consumers view endless examples of kitchen design ideas from American country influence to European modern creations.

Catering to personal style begins with the basic finishes available on cabinet hardware. Popular finishes include:

  • Stainless Steel – the long-time top choice
  • Satin Nickel – running a close second in popularity to stainless steel
  • Black – with trends toward light, colored (white or gray) cabinetry, contrasting hardware is gaining acceptance with black-finished metal a popular choice
  • Softer Tones – matt finishes replacing highly polished even in nickel, brass, bronze, gold and stainless
  • Non-metallic Finishes – white and gray are not just popular for cabinet doors and drawer

Popular colors from the 1960 have also made a comeback with a variety of gold tones and caramel shades of bronze and chrome.

Small Changes, Big Impact

While a major kitchen renovation can give your home an all-new look and feel, there are small, basic changes that have dynamic impact as well. Among the hottest trends in kitchen changes is painting cabinetry and providing an impressive new look simply by adding drastically different hardware. Traditional wood cabinets with round knobs readily accept the hot new colors – tones of gray, perhaps – and dynamic stainless steel, gold or black designer pulls.

With the open concept throughout the living space comes the kitchen design for “clean cabinetry.” Included in this move toward function over decoration, cabinet hardware emphasizes doing the job without standing out.

Yet, many designers incorporate door and drawer pulls into their overall plan for accents. There’s always room for style but in many modern designs it has been softened and streamlined. Style considerations include:

  • Clean, soft, geometric lines
  • Interest in more larger-size knobs and pulls – designers say “a long pull can make cabinets appear taller and drawers look longer, making the whole room appear larger”
  • Some modern cabinetry has built-in pull areas and require no hardware at all

With overall kitchen design moving away from furnishings – the kitchen table is approaching extinction – a additional space is being added with kitchen islands, pantries and additional cabinetry. All these additional built-ins require attention to detail when it comes to cabinet hardware. While the idea that everything must match no longer holds in every kitchen design, the goal is complementary design, colors and shapes that work together and a smooth transition blending form with function.

Rely Upon Professionals

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