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Wood flooring should be at the top of your bathroom design ideas list – it adds warmth and style to your bathroom remodel

Bathroom renovations come in many shapes and sizes. A bathroom remodel can range from a simple update and can be relatively inexpensive to a major project from top to bottom. When doing a larger renovation, flooring is an important element to include with your bathroom design ideas.

One concept to consider when planning bathroom renovations is starting from the bottom up. The flooring you choose can have an impact on the entire room. For example, a tile floor can lead to tile showers and complimentary wall designs which can create a signature room for a homeowner. This is a room a homeowner can enjoy immediately and can benefit from when they put their home up for sale.

Bathroom design ideas can hit high gear when started with a flooring choice. Hardwood or tile floors can set the tone for any bathroom remodel. With tile flooring – colors, textures and sizes all contribute to creating a unique feel. With wood – species, stain color, width of slats are just a few ways to make bathroom renovations distinctive and fresh. Distinctive floor designs unlock bathroom design ideas as they relate to the entire bathroom remodel project. Cabinets, counter tops, showers and the rest are all impacted by a design foundation offered by distinctive flooring. You can make your bathroom room special.

Flooring Gets Bathroom Design Ideas Flowing

Bathroom Design Ideas - Madison WI - Sims Remodeling - Bathroom Renovations

Stylish tile floors with added designs should be considered as one of your bathroom design ideas

It’s a good bet the wrong flooring choice can damage the look of many other visual elements in your bathroom remodel. Cabinetry, furniture or window treatments can all be diminished if flooring is not included in the initial group of bathroom design ideas. The bottom line is the wrong choice of flooring can be distracting.

The impact of flooring materials doesn’t stop at floor level. Tile or stone counter tops, unique, one of kind back splashes and wall treatments can all play off of flooring choices you make. You can add or create a new dimension to your bathroom by coordinating your bathroom design ideas from top to bottom. Just think of the impact of the right carpeting in a climate as we have in Madison WI.

Setting The Tone For Bathroom Design Ideas

Too often, people treat the flooring selection as an afterthought. Consider making flooring the first item chosen because it sets the tone for a room, and when organized correctly, flooring can enhance every other element of bathroom remodel.

The biggest challenge homeowners have is not being aware of all the new flooring options available at any one time. Wood, tile and carpet are constantly being updated and upgraded. New product choices are constantly being added to bathroom design ideas. Room traffic, the type and amount, are important to consider in all bathroom renovations. The professional staff at Sims Remodeling can help coordinate all of your bathroom design ideas. We can give you the best function and look possible.

Save Money By Planning Bathroom Renovations

To get more value from all of your bathroom design ideas, consider the following –

  • Select a floor choice early in the process, you will likely find moderately priced options as opposed to waiting until the end of the process. Later in the process there is a good chance you will limit your choices based on fixture or cabinetry selections made prior to flooring choices.
  • Rely on Sims Remodeling to lead you to flooring suppliers. We are in a great position to save our customers money when they work with our regular suppliers.

Sims Remodeling has a remodeling planning guide and contractor selection guide available to help you move forward confidently

Bathroom Design Ideas - Madison WI - Sims Remodeling - Bathroom Remodel

Even carpeting can be one of your bathroom design ideas depending on the situation, especially in climates like Madison WI

in your bathroom remodel project. We have dealt with many bathroom renovation over the years and will be able to help you create a list of exciting bathroom design ideas. We can help build your bathroom remodel so it fits your family and its needs. Our goal is to deliver great value.

Sims Remodeling provides bathroom renovations services to Madison WI, Cottage Grove, Sun Prairie, Deforest, Waunakee, Middleton, Verona, Fitchburg, McFarland, Stoughton and all other communities in south central Wisconsin.

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