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Hand grabs should be considered in any bathroom remodeling project for safety and function

Bathroom remodeling to make your bathroom more accessible as you age makes sense in Madison WI and everywhere else.

If you like where you live and you love your home, it makes sense. If you have lived there 20, 30, 40 or more years, it makes sense. Your home holds countless family memories, it really makes sense. If, you can’t imagine moving, a logical universal bathroom remodeling strategy is to make your bathroom accommodate any limitations that may creep up on you as you age.

With a little forethought, you don’t have to leave your home behind as you age. We are all aware physical abilities decline with age. In fact, recent AARP surveys indicate 89% of those surveyed say they want to stay in their current home and community. That is really no surprise.

Accessible Bathroom Remodeling Is as Necessity As Much As An Option

Sims Remodeling understands every home they work on represents a series of personal preferences and needs. We know in working with our customers we are helping to make their future plans happen. We also know accessible design in home and bathroom remodeling is not limited to the aging population. In fact, studies show approximately 25% of all people in the United States has a disability of one type or another. That’s fifty-four million people now and by 2030, the number of adults afflicted with arthritis will double. Bathroom remodeling using universal-accessible design techniques is a smart way to go.

Universal Design - Accessible Door handles

Lever style door handles can increase accessibility of any room in your home

Universal Design with Bathroom Remodeling is Not Marketing Spin

Universal Design is the design of products & environments to be usable by all people (to the greatest extent possible), without adaptation or specialized design. It combines function and ease of use every for item in the bathroom. Bathroom remodeling with accessible-universal design allows people to live in their homes safely, independently and comfortably, no matter age or ability level.

Basic Universal Design Elements in Bathroom Remodeling
Universal Design in bathroom remodeling does not require making major changes of homes or living spaces. However, there are basic elements which are effective, simple and inexpensive and can be incorporated into every bathroom remodeling project.

Universal Design Elements

No-step entrances with beveled threshold

Universal - Accessible bathroom remodeling - Madison WI

An accessible universal designed shower stall can look great and be practical

Doorways at least 32″ wide

Hallways at least 36″ clear width

Reinforced walls around toilet, bathtub and shower if grab bars are needed

Light switches or electric controls no higher than 48″

Electrical plugs no lower than 15″

Lever handles on all doors & faucets

Well lit hallways and doorways

Handrails on both sides of the steps

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