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A walk-in shower replacing an old tub adds style and function

Homeowners have accelerated a trend of creating their own version of Shangri-La when updating their homes with bathroom remodeling projects here in Madison, Wisconsin

Whether you have lived in your house for many years or have just moved into your home, there are changes you can make to improve the function and the feel of your bathroom. People spend a lot of time in the bathroom, and enjoying one’s surrounding is important.

Bathroom Remodeling – More Functional and Enjoyable.

Bathroom remodeling does not have to be an overwhelming, huge project. Sometimes bathroom remodeling can be done in stages. Or, possibly a stage or two is all someone needs to add something they have always wanted or change something that has never been quite right.

A tiled bathroom floor-Sims Remodeling-Madison WI

A tiled bathroom floor is stylish, durable, timeless and can be heated for cold Wisconsin winters

The current economic times have caused homeowners to appreciate more of what they have. It also has prompted people to look at change with a more critical eye. Do we really need to move? Do we want to move? Are more common questions these days.

If you like your neighbors, or like your neighborhood or the area in general, a bathroom remodeling project may be the first step in creating a “new home” in your existing home.

Create a list of the elements in your bathroom you like or dislike. In doing so, you are actually creating the foundation of your bathroom remodeling plan. It may be modest. Or, when creating the list, you may find larger, more challenging bathroom remodeling project is preferred.

Consider The Little Things First In Bathroom Remodeling

A complete bathroom remodeling project may not be the answer for you. Depending on budget and floor plan  a bathroom remodeling project can take on nearly any dimension. When you are

Double sink-bathroom remodeling-Madison WI

Adding a double sink to your bathroom changes the way it is used

considering the changes you may want, start with the small things. You may find your bathroom remodeling project doesn’t require a huge number of changes. Little by little, you can identify the changes that are most significant to you. Consider the following to start the conversation –

– New tile/pattern
– Install a new vanity
– Change the height of your vanity
– Add a separate make-up counter
– Install new mirror(s)
– Add mirrors
– Install new fixtures (towel bars, robe hooks)
– Consider new accent and decorative lighting
– Add new counter tops
– When practical add double sinks
– Install a tiled tub/shower surround
– Add tile floors
– Consider heated tile floors
– Add a jetted tub
– Remove a tub and create a walk in shower stall

All of the above projects do not require knocking down walls or changing the footprint of your bathroom. If you find a combination of these ideas cannot create the bathroom remodeling outcome you like, Sims remodeling can help you identify additional options.

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