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Conversions to showers can result in a distinctive, unique room

Bathroom remodeling projects can take many forms and have varying degrees of impact on how you use your home. One trend in recent years homeowners have gravitated toward has been converting bathtub areas into spacious walk-in showers.

Traditionally, homeowners often shied away from conversions like these because older homes had one bath or a bath and a half and people wanted to maintain salability of their homes. Conventional wisdom dictated that if you wanted to sell your home at some point in the future, removing the only tub in the house would be a negative step. But, it seems all bets are off.

Bathroom remodeling often reflects what the popular thought is and the trend is for more conversions. Removing an old and little used tub and replacing it with a spacious, enjoyable walk-in shower with needed features and preferred luxuries is definitely a growing trend.

Why Shower Conversions Becoming More Popular In Bathroom Remodeling

There are a number of reasons the shower conversions in bathroom remodeling is becoming more popular. It is a mixture on personal preference and economic realities. Consider the following –

Bathtub to shower conversion - madiosn WI - Sims Remodeling

Adding a shower can transform the look and feel of your bathroom

People like where they live – many folks live in established neighborhoods and depending when their home was built, may have limited bathroom and function. If homeowners decide they are staying in their homes and not moving, adjusting their homes to fit their needs is obvious. Their bathroom remodeling project focusses on getting the most from their existing floor plan. If

People get older – much to the chagrin of many, time does not stop. And if you have any doubts, your body will remind you with a pain here and soreness there. Contractors indicate homeowners older than about 45 years of age are often the prime suspects in converting a bath to a shower. The thought of climbing into a tub and soaking does not appeal to many as they mature.

People want a more functional bathroom – often homeowners just want things in their life to flow easier. Not having to step into a tub and having a more spacious shower are daily “treats” an individual enjoys.

The shower from bathtub conversion makes sense – the footprint for the shower is already accounted for in the floor plan by virtue of the tub being there. However, without the tub, the live space for the shower is actually more, adding to the freedom of movement.

Showers can be customized – because the foot print of a new walk in shower is not a standard size, homeowners have the opportunity to create a tile floor and tile walls, storage areas and more.

Bathroom Remodeling - bathtub conversion - Sims Remodeling - Madison WI

Using tile to finish your shower conversion provides infinite options when designing your shower & bathroom

The new showers can have more function and luxury – yes you can build in a seat for your new shower. You can heat that seat making winter showers more comfortable. Built in shelves can be designed, glass block walls (shower surrounds) and hand grabs can be standard features in a new shower.

Tile can create a great new environment – there are more opportunities than ever to create distinctive custom tiling, below is a list of all of the variables tiles have, adding a personal and distinctive touch to any bathroom remodeling project. They can be used in shower, wall or ceiling.

– Infinite Color choices
– Wide selection of textures
– New patterns are introduced continuously
– Accent color tiles (individual tiles in pattern) can be used
– Tiles with pictures of your choice placed on them
– Pictures (one or more tiles )
– Tiles creating a mural with pictures of your choice (wall section)
– Engraving on any of the tiles

Note – tile floors can easily be heated for comfort year round and in general, require little maintenance.

Bathtub to Shower Bathroom Remodeling Projects Are Fun

Bathroom remodeling projects such as a tub conversions to a walk in shower are inherently fun. Usually, a little used (or outdated) fixture is removed and replaced with just about anything a homeowner wants. The bathroom will have increased usability, can accommodate a wide variety of design and cosmetic preferences and when it is done will reflect the personality of the homeowner.

A project like this has no limits and can make a homeowners idea, their dream, a reality. And better yet – its usually very affordable.

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