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Basement Bathrooms can add function and class to any basement

Basement remodeling represents one of the best experiences Sims Remodeling has in terms of helping people to enjoy their homes because it is a great way to increase the number of ways a home is used. However, to get the most from the project you need to put a little thought into the planning stage.

Basement remodeling can include starting from scratch or finishing what is already started. Helping update and finish basements is an area we specialize in and enjoy very much.

Basement Remodeling – A Transformation

One of the first things Madison WI homeowners will want do is make sure there are no issues with water or dampness in their basement. When there is evidence of a water problem, we refer our customers to water management specialists. Only when the problem is corrected will we begin the process of basement remodeling.

Basement exercise room, Sims Remodeling, Madison WI

An exercise room makes your basement unique

Finishing Basements – What Are You Starting With?

Every home has unique characteristics to be considered which can influence the final plan created for your basement. Examples of issues needing to be accounted for include:

If it’s an older home, be sure the foundation is solid

If there are water issues, tiling and other preparation may be required

In many older homes, ceilings are lower and don’t allow false ceilings and some types of lighting.

Lower ceilings will also affect the type of ductwork you have and can lead to re-routing to accommodate new additions you want to make a part of your new finished basement.

Consider what walls, if any, can be changed to contribute to the new look.

Once you consider the physical limitations, your attention can then turn to the new possibilities available to you.

The Fun Part In Basement Remodeling

Basement Home Theater-Sims Remodeling-Madison WI

Going to the theater has never been this convienient

When your basement is ready for work, it’s important to include all the options you want to consider. Any one of the following basement ideas (or combination) can have a huge impact on the character of your basement remodeling project. Consider the following:

Ceiling—do you want a dropped, drywall or open one?

Flooring—do you want carpeting, tile, wood or other floor coverings?

Walls—do you want any removed or added?

Do you want any of the following:

  • A “legal” bedrooms in the basement (if so you will need a proper egress window to meet code requirements)
  • Soundproof insulation
  • A home theater / surround sound
  • An entertainment center
  • Special cabinets
  • A wet bar/kitchenette
  • A fireplace
  • A bathroom
  • A sauna
  • A special playroom
  • An Exercise area
  • An office
  • Improved storage in unfinished space

Whether you have lived in your home for many years or just moved in, chances are good a basement remodeling can make your home more functional and enjoyable.

Sims Remodeling can help you define what changes make sense for your home. Call us at (608) 825-4500 or email us and we will provide to information you need for this important decision.

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