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Turn concrete gray walls into striking gray walls – basement remodeling means injecting your personality and style into an often overlooked and under-appreciated space.

A basement remodeling project not only adds bonus rooms and livable space, it increases a home’s value. A Madison WI home can expand usable space and a family can enjoy even more of its favorite activities in a finished basement without an expensive addition.

The basement is no longer just an out of the way space to store things. It’s becoming an extension of the overall living space. Décor and design elements are continued in the lower level of the home – or, because it can be completely separated there are bold new experiences in a basement remodeling plan.

When it comes to bonus rooms in the basement, almost anything goes, including:

  • A guest bedroom (remember a sleeping space requires egress windows)
  • A home library
  • A home movie theater
  • A craft room or workshop
  • A home gym/workout area
  • A family gathering space – a party room!
  • Your own personal brew house or pub


Basement Remodeling Adds Value Now, and When You Sell

Building bonus rooms in the basement increases the overall usable square footage of the existing building without expanding its footprint.

NOTE:  A 2,500 square foot ranch-style house may double in useable footage if it has a full basement that can be finished. A traditional two-story with a full basement can add one-third to its usable square footage by completing a basement remodeling.

When the time comes for a basement remodeling project, you must decide if the renovation is to extend the style of the living space downward or be a departure in fit and finish. As you plan to expand your living space into the basement, consider these popular trends and styles:

  1. The Open Concept — The open concept is the hot trend for modern home designs and is carried through to basement remodeling ideas. Traditionally, basements have been divided into separate rooms for various activities. Today’s styles dictate fewer walls and a blending of spaces. Basements are naturally wide open so they lend themselves to the concept. More open designs also make the most of lighting in spaces normally darker with fewer, smaller windows.

The open concept doesn’t provide privacy for personal activities or projects – no “Man Cave” or private office. Mixing activities can make a truly open basement less inviting so a blend of an open area with smaller alcoves or rooms often makes sense.

  1. In-Home Theaters — If you love movies, there’s nothing better than a great sound and video system in your own in-home theater. These installations have been the driving force behind many finished basements.

When designing a basement media room there are two obvious considerations: An enclosed theater room or an open TV space? Enclosed rooms are for the really serious enthusiast and are limited to one major use. They also require specialized furnishing and lighting. An open TV space is more like a traditional living room with theater-quality equipment. It provides a truly multi-purpose space. Most homeowners opt for the more conservative TV-equipped living space.

  1. Guest Rooms — Creating guest bedrooms is one of the most popular reasons for remodeling or finishing a basement. For homeowners with extended families that don’t live close by, the idea of a guest suite makes sense. The guest bedroom becomes a bedroom with closet and complete bathroom. Maybe even a small sitting or lounge area. Often referred to as “in-law suites” these areas are also perfect for teenagers and have proven a welcome place to return to for college students.
  2. The Sports Room — The old-fashioned rec room has become a multi-TV sports bar in the basement. While the open concept doesn’t lend itself to a “Man Cave,” it certainly fits a multiple TV layout. Basement bonus rooms that include enough TV sets to keep tabs on the whole league are perfect for the avid Badger or Packers fan. Of course, multiple TVs requires a better than average sound system and plenty of room for refreshments.
  3. The Pub or Brewery District — A basement remodeling project with enough space can accommodate really specialized interests. A secluded bonus room to brew craft beer or serve friends is an ideal complement to a TV room. A mini-kitchen is a nice touch.
  4. Home Gym/Workout Room — People often find getting away to a gym expensive and time consuming. The in-house workout room is the answer. Exercise equipment can be tucked into the corner of a large space or have a room all to themselves. The space required is dictated by the workout you hope to accommodate – one treadmill or a series of machines for serious weight training. If space and budget allows the addition bonus rooms can include a sauna and shower area.
  5. Just for Hanging Out — A truly multipurpose room for family and friends to just “hang out” is the most popular requirement for a basement remodeling program. This kind of lounge area brings together all the best of each specialized room.

Make the Most of the Space You Have

Even a small basement has great potential for bonus rooms and extended use. Where space is limited, the trend in design is toward multiple uses where you get a little bit of everything out of your basement remodeling dollars. Your finished basement can include play space for kids – with the addition of media gear that includes teens – an area for gym equipment, lounging room and space for a small home office. Stylish room-dividing furnishings replace walls to provide separation without enclosures.

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