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Having the stool hidden by other fixtures or in a water closet will make for a clean design and better presentation

While you are designing a bathroom remodel, creating a comfortable and accessible space for your family is normally a priority. But with all of the options available to you with a bathroom remodel, often changes seeming like a good idea on paper may not look as good in the final product.

For this reason, reviewing your bathroom design often before starting your project is significant. It’s significant because in addition to including certain amenities added in your bathroom remodel, avoiding mistakes that will be torture to look at daily over time. Below are a couple of ideas to consider.

Placing Your Toilet In a Very Visible Location Is A Bathroom Remodel No-No

There is no argument a toilet is the primary reason for a bathroom. However, most people do not want their toilet the focal point of the room – especially for gusts. Usually with a bathroom remodel there is an upgrade of the stool and while newer designs are more visually pleasing, cabinets, countertops, tubs or showers can all be visually pleasing components and help conceal your toilet. One idea many past customers have liked is having a water closet in the bathroom design if room allows. Along with making the room more functional (allowing one person to use the stool while the sink or shower is available to another), the room is visually more inviting.

Bathroom Designs With Mismatched Fixtures And Finishes

Bathroom Remodel | Madison WI | Sims Exteriors and Remodeling

Keeping color selections similar give every bath remodel a more cohesive look

Many homeowners are attracted to a wide array of fixtures and finishes. Ultimately most homeowners settle on a single style, color, or design motif. This produces a cleaner look in final bathroom remodel. Mismatched fixtures and finishes can make a room look and feel chaotic and make the room seem unfinished. And even if you do not choose to have your fixtures to look exactly the same (tub, toilet, and sink), using similar colors for a more together look is highly suggested. Faucets, taps and hardware should have the same feel as well.

Do Not Ignore Shutoff Valves In Tour Bathroom Remodel

Water shutoff valves are essential. When planning your remodel, install new shutoff valves. Avoid having older or worn shutoff valves detract from the look of your new bathroom remodel. In doing this you will also avoid the opportunity for old valves to fail when they are needed most.

Our intent is these basic bathroom design ideas will help you avoid headaches as you move forward with your bathroom remodel in Madison WI.

Sims Exteriors And Remodeling has a Remodeling Checklist designed to help organize remodeling projects. Because we have completed hundreds of projects, we can use our experience to help you avoid bath remodel train wrecks.

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